Adding culture to your diet with real Wisconsin yogurt.

SRD Wins at World Cheese Championship!

1st Place - Best of Class - Whole Milk Plain Yogurt - Cow Milk

3rd Place - Whole Sheep Milk Yogurt

5th Place - Plain 1% Milkfat Yogurt - Cow Milk

6th Place - Vanilla 1% Milkfat Yogurt - Cow Milk

7th Place - High Protein - Whole Milk Plain Greek-Style - Cow Milk

8th Place - Raspberry Flavored Yogurt - Cow Milk

In the whole world!

About Sugar River Dairy

Sugar River Dairy is an family owned and operated facility in Albany, WI.

Our family is proud to bring you this Wisconsin made natural yogurt. It is our hope that you enjoy our wholesome, non-homogenized, creamy textured yogurt with it’s active cultures and authentic Wisconsin taste.

We believe that with minimal processing, we can create great tasting yogurt. We are proud to offer you a product that we hope you find satisfying, healthy and locally made.


Our six ounce "fruit on the bottom" containers come in Raspberry, Peach, Strawberry and Blueberry.

Our 24 ounce containers come in lowfat vanilla, lowfat plain, and whole milk plain.